The idea

VIU prescription glasses and sunglasses unite brilliant design with a transparent manufacturing process and fair prices.

VIU neither wants to imitate major labels nor follow mass production lines. The sole aim is to create utterly unique and inspirational products.

The collections are designed in Switzerland by Fabrice Aeberhard, VIU’s Creative Director. Each individual pair is then crafted in more than 80 manual steps at a traditional manufacturer in the Italian Dolomites and on Honshū Island.

By delivering directly from the manufacturer to the customer, VIU offers high-quality design and sustainable products at revolutionary prices.

The Team

The team behind VIU is formed by more than 100 enthusiastic employees who all share the same passion for design, sustainable production and uncompromising quality.

Founded in Switzerland in 2013 by five friends, VIU is a melting pot of characters, bringing in different perspectives and yet standing for a common vision.

The management team merges the aesthetic visions of Creative Director Fabrice Aeberhard with the ambition and diligence of Kilian Wagner, Peter Kaeser und Johannes Heinrich.

We love contrast and its resulting impulses for fresh creativity and inspiration, which we are able to channel through our products, stores and the brand itself.